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Typhonium Plus® Copyright 2004 - 2010
Global Bioscience was founded in 2000 and started with 3 hectares of organic herbal farm located in Deli Tua - North Sumatera.

Preserving the invaluable treasures of Indonesian JAMU (traditional herbal medicine), using the best medicinal plants from Indonesia�s tropical rainforest and processing them with advance technology, we deliver high quality product with affordable price: Typhonium Plus� - natural supplement for cancer.

Cancer is a leading cause of death and misery for people worldwide. More than 70% of all cancer deaths occurred in developing countries, like Indonesia.

To help people, especially Indonesian having access to updated information about cancer and know how to deal with it, we have established: TyphoniumPlus.com which is now one of the leading portal for cancer in Indonesia.

Our motto is �People help People� thus we believe that cancer burden is never too heavy to carry when people work together to combat this disease.

To let people know a natural and affordable way to prevent & combat cancer and to safe as many lives as possible with Typhonium Plus�

To become a leading natural supplement for cancer worldwide

Research & Development Team:
Dr. Ahmad Abdul Rahman (Dept. of Biology, UPM, Malaysia)
T. L. Chong M.D. (Eskulapios, Amsterdam, Nederland)

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