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How did you react after being diagnosed with CANCER ? You may have felt numb, frightened, or angry. You may not have believed what the doctor was saying. You may keep questioning 'Is there any possible cure for CANCER ?'

We all like magic cure for cancer, that is wonderful. But we must be realistic. Cancer took years to develop, there's no quick fix. However, there's still HOPE to combat cancer.

Cancer treatment can be successful. Millions of people who have had cancer are alive today. What are the KEY SUCCESS FACTORS to combat CANCER successfully? Here are some practical tips for you.


To win this battle, you need to know your enemy. Find all information about CANCER, find how it developes into your body and what make it stronger. Bear in mind that cancer developes because of toxic accumulation in your body and long term impairment of your body's immune system. It's caused by complex factors that are rooted in bad habits and or unhealthy lifestyle. This is basic.

Cancer is only the RESULT. Your lifestyle is the main PROBLEM.
If you focus only in killing cancer with all sorts of cancer treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, etc) without caring about your lifestyle.. then don't be surprised it may come back again someday.

The most difficult part and yet most crucial part in cancer treatment is to change your habits, your food, etc. We all hate that. But nothing worths more than your life now.

We are amazed to see how people with advanced stage cancer could smoke, drink liquor or eat barbeque easily without burden. Moreover, we are shocked to hear that some doctors rather allow patients to eat anything than herbs!.

We don't say that herbs can cure cancer. What's wrong with taking herbs anyway? They won't kill you since they are from nature. They even help to support your immune system in fighting cancer naturally. And logically, they are safe, rather than chemical drugs used in chemotherapy !.


You are what you think. If you think that cancer cannot be cured, then your body will act accordingly (in the negative ways). Change your mind: always think that CANCER can be cured just like any other disease. Always have a positive mental attitude especially during your cancer treatment . Trust your doctor, trust the treatment, trust the medicine, trust the herbs, trust the food you eat, and trust yourself that you can beat this disease.

Your life journey with cancer will be a long and bumpy way. Just be ready for that. The cancer treatment procedures may be detrimental to your emotional well-being. During this time, your best respond is to act more and worry less. Whenever worry occupies you, quickly find activities. Do exercise, explore your hobbies, listen to music, pray, do yoga, etc. Never let your worries take over your life.

In our observation to thousands of cancer patients who have consulted with us in the past few years, we notice that FOOD contributes very significant in our patients' healing process. Below are the simple practical tips of food you need to avoid and those you need to eat more.

- Red meat & chicken, raised industrially
- All sorts of eggs yellow
- Seafood, except deep sea fish
- All spicy, oily, salty fried foods
- All processed, pickled or canned food
- Food from bleached flour (white bread & white pasta)
- Commercial sauces, mixes, or seasonings unless they are made with pure herbs/spices

Eat more:
- Vegetables, especially raw vegetables or salads
- Leafy green vegetables
- Carrots
- Tomatoes
- Citrus fruits
- Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, bok choy and other Asian greens.

In conclusion, we just wanna say that there is real HOPE in beating cancer. But the decision is all yours. Support your cancer treatment by pursuing a healthier lifestyle (food, supplemens/vitamins, exercise, etc). CHANGE is a must if you wanna survive this disease !

Good luck in your cancer treatment !

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